Things to Know About Florida Insurance

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What Makes Florida Different?


     Florida has a variety of differences from most other states. While some states have more tornados or blizzards, Florida has hurricanes, flooding, wildlife differences and a fast growing population of retirees. Because of this, various insurances and insurance programs have been developed specifically targeted toward the citizens of the state. Over time, changes have been made to make these policies even more helpful to all those living in Florida. Below we will look at just a couple of these changes. If you are looking for Florida Insurance check out


Hurricane Insurances


     The unfortunate fact is that Florida often sees the brunt of the hurricanes that strike the eastern coast of the United States. Some manage to miss, but for the most part, at least some of the state feels the effects of every hurricane that forms. For these reasons, the state has found it necessary to update it’s policies for the betterment of the people. In recent years, many changes have been made.


The state of Florida now prohibits insurance companies from having a 90 day period before they will allow homeowners to renew their insurance after repairs from one storm have been completed. These insurance companies now also have to pay the full replacement cost of the home upfront. They are also required to begin the claims process within fourteen days.


If a home needs to be updated to meet current code after a storm, the insurance companies are now required to pay fifty percent of these associated costs. They are now also required to fully disclose the potential cost of any and all deductibles associated with a storm along with a complete offering of discounts that are available. More importantly, laws now limit the deductibles to only one per season. This comes in handy when multiple storms hit over the course of a few months.


If insurance companies desire to increase their rates by at least 15 percent, it is now a requirement that the company has a public hearing on the issue. In addition, policies need to be closer in comparison for the consumer to be able to compare policies and prices from company to company.


Auto Insurance Discounts For Retired and Older Residents


     Florida has become a haven for retirees and older vacationers that long for the beauty and climate of the state. Many of these people are buying vacation and second homes for their own private retreats. Florida’s legislature and insurance companies have taken note of this and established a discounted rate for those people 55 and older that are willing to take part in a 6 hour instructional program. This course is made so that you can take it online and at your own pace. It is broken up into easy to understand sections and are completed with multiple choice questions to test your understanding. Successful completion of this course will give the person a reduced rate on their insurance for three years. If you have any questions they also offer live professional phone assistants that will help you during normal business hours.